The Vision

CREŸATE  (v):  To bring something into existence

CRE8 Media International™ is new model of the traditional media company whose sole purpose is to produce media that entertains, makes one think, motivates societal navel-gazing, and then inspires the audience to “Be the Change they would like to See in the world”.  Media has the greatest potential on a global scale to raise awareness regarding social and environmental issues… but once the awareness has been created, what then happens?  How do we, as a society capitalize in real-time on the inspiration created by poignant story-telling to facilitate an immediate call to action for the audience participation in the solution?

CRE8 Media International (CMI) is a new paradigm in media finance that integrates specific social change campaigns within the creation, production, distribution, and marketing of each media project so that there is positive participation from the onset of the creative process…a fusion of for-profit enterprise & non-profit activation.